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Pulse is reimagining the way New Zealand's $46 billion primary industry receives and interacts with the news.

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There’s a lot of noise in the modern world.

The flow of information is endless and everyone has an opinion on it, whether it’s informed or not.

It can make conversations difficult – rage often trumps curiosity and thoughtfulness in our online world.

For two decades, the collective team behind Pulse have distilled the noise into a weekly newspaper – Farmers Weekly. A place where farmers and those that support them can get the news they need.

But we think we can create an online space that fosters innovation and creativity too.

The first step on that journey is  Pulse.

For our industry to flourish we need to be able to share ideas, reflect on our past and talk critically but respectfully about the things that will shape our future.

Pulse is the place where that conversation starts.

It costs a little bit, but we think it’s a small investment that will more than pay its own way in the modern farming world.

The world is changing quickly and tomorrow’s farmer needs today’s best information.

Pulse has that for you, every day.

- Pulse editor, Bryan Gibson

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