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We're New Zealand.
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Pulse is powered by the GlobalHQ newsroom and primary sector partners to ensure you are kept in tune and in touch with what's happening in New Zealand's $46 billion industry.

Each day:
You'll hear from Farmers Weekly editor, Bryan Gibson, on the
most essential primary sector news of the day.

You'll get not only weather updates but weather insights from WeatherWatch
analyst Phil Duncan where he explains the current situation and points you to the most localised and personalised weather outlook in the country.

Each day we'll highlight industry stand outs that are catching our attention. Be prepared for inspiration and conversation starters. We call this the Purple Cow section.

We'll pepper in a daily feature. We draw on talented teams to get the best insights from AgriHQ and NZX; an opinion piece from an industry thought leader;
a profile of a Local Limelight where we celebrate a clever agripreneur whose enterprise thinking is outside of the box; and we top it off at the end of the week by hearing your thoughts on a topical poll question.

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